Want damages from Comcast for systematically violating your privacy?

Comcast keeps track of what you watch, and uses that and other info about you to target ads. (This white paper from Experian details what Comcast and other cable companies are doing.) The federal Cable Act prohibits cable companies from collecting personally identifiable data on your viewing without proper consent. And it authorizes a court to award $100 per day of violation. We believe this is exactly what Comcast does. We'll represent you on contingency if you qualify.

Hear it from Ray Gallo

Here is the class action we filed for California Comcast customers. 

Why This Case Is Important 

Under federal law, you decide whether to share your personal data with your cable company. If your cable company keeps and uses your personal data without your knowledge or consent, you lose control over your private information, risk its disclosure in a data breach, and are exposed to manipulative, personally targeted ads. By suing, you can recover statutory damages of up to $100 per day of violation and make a stand for privacy.   

How to Join

Although we expect tens of thousands to participate, this is not a class action. Most claims are subject to individual arbitration. To participate and benefit, you must join individually. To join, or just learn more about the case and whether you qualify, click here.

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